Sleep Reinforces Learning: Children’s Brains Transform Subconsciously Learned Material Into Active Knowledge

Sleep Reinforces Learning: Children’s Brains Transform Subconsciously Learned Material Into Active Knowledge

During sleep, our brains store what we have learned during the day  a process even more effective in children than in adults. (Credit: © Monkey Business / Fotolia)

In this article scientists discuss how important it is for children to be getting enough sleep per night as what information they retain subconsciously during school into active knowledge as they sleep. This article relates back to the week we discussed bodies and biopolotics. Americans are obsessed with our bodies, what is good for us, what is bad for us. We are ever striving to find the perfect diet, the healthiest food, the ultimate exercises that will make us turn into the ideal body. What we perceive as perfection. Such as olympians, models and other people in the limelight. We are obsessed with being healthy, young and beautiful indefinitely.
Scientists will study a collective of americans to develop statistics on whether this is an individual matter or important to the entire community. One of our authors also focused on sleep. In Matthew Wolf-Meyer’s article Natural Hegemonies: Sleep and the Rhythms of American Capitalism we learn of different diagnosis of sleep. How those are able to adapt to their own bodies demands and well as the demands of their society. Substituting pharmaceuticals and large quantities of caffeinated substances to accommodate to our nation’s ideal of the 9-5 work schedule.
What Wolf-Meyer is doing is studying what we usually overlook and studying how we use sleep as americans. This relates back to the famous Nacirema study which its intentions were to make the familiar strange. Studying what we view as a necessity and nothing more. In this article they are studying how sleep helps our cognitive memory. How we are better able to retain important information through the practice of good sleeping habits.

_Jessa Ripley


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