American Labor Force


The image above depicts what American Anthropology considers Politics and Place and the people who are shown are immigrants. This is interesting because it allows us to see the continental United States filled with different ethnicities and ages and immigrants are part of the United States. This is a perfect example of how it’s showing that our American society has and will always be filled with immigrants. Our founding fathers where immigrants looking for a better life so why can’t immigrants come to this country to make a better life without having to take advantage of their labor. This picture shows that the United States is rich in diversity and it offers different opportunities for many immigrants. This image also shows the American flag fading in which can symbolize that our flag represents all of the immigrants that live here. According to Sally Eagle Merry’s article Law and Identity in an American Colony, she argues that “changing legal arrangements governing landownership’s and political participation produced ethnic affiliations and conflicts”. (163) Merry brings up an important point of view because immigrants in this country have always been targeted of many conflicts. They get accuse of taking “Americans jobs” and not allowing Americans work. Which I think is really ridiculous because they work in this country without having any benefits that residents have. In most cases they get taken advantage because they are illegal immigrants.
Therefore, the laws in America have made it difficult for immigrants to get the opportunity to become residents. Merry writes, “The use of legal form brings legitimacy and a state power to dominant groups who deploy it in acquiring and extending their control over wider society”. This is a way to control and monitor what immigrants are allow to do and what’s more interesting is the fact that we have more immigrants coming to America from different parts of the world and they all want a better life. Everyone in the image above are smiling and it shows how America has offered that opportunity to succeed in this country. Merry writes “the booming sugar plantation economy demanded a larger labor supply that the dwindling Hawaiian population could population… these plantation regions consisted of largely Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese labor force” (167). This quote is really important because Merry is referring to the sugar plantations in Hawaii during 1887, but we see this type of labor being use today. California is a state that offers great agriculture that can sustain the whole nation. But what’s interesting is that the labor used is the labor of the immigrants.
We need to be more aware at the fact that immigrants have and still influence our nation today. It’s just incredible at how many people do not accept that immigrants play a big role in our society. Immigrants have created an identity in our nation and it offers diversity and a way to understand the culture. That identity has created a community where their culture is expressed ad allows many people feel comfortable in a country that is filled with culture. America is one of the few countries where different cultures interact and cohabit together. Every immigrant that comes to this country wants a positive future for themselves and family. This image also brings to attention that immigrants are cohabiting in every state of our nation. This shows that everywhere we go we can see the influence it has in our society. American society is changing rapidly but the labor that immigrants offer is still the same. This shows that managements need this help because it offers products to be manufactured or produced faster. America understands that the relationship that it has with immigrants allows the progression for the country. But we need to keep in mind that these people have been targeted because they are not citizens. We need to understand that immigrants just want an equal opportunity to start a new life and America can offer that opportunity which will allow a future to succeed. We need to take in consideration about the future and how congress needs realize that immigrants are part of the American culture we know today. Everyone needs to have an open mind when it comes to dealing with the topic of immigrants. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and most of the time we assume that immigrants are bad for our society, but in reality we cannot portray the true meaning of America without recognizing immigrants and their hard work in our society. America is the land of opportunities and that’s why immigrants come to this country and we have created a community where we interact with them learn from them.

-Jesus Torres Antonio


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