Women Submisivity


In our culture it is very popular to view women merely as being submissive. This is becoming the norm in our society and we can very well see our culture changing right beneath our feet. I had chosen a picture that was in an ad by Dolce & Gabbana where a woman is being submitted by a man. Many will view the picture as elegant or maybe even “sexy”, but others will see this picture as degrading, dehumanizing, and be disgusted by the image. Women should not be viewed as being submissive to a man, but be empowering to the community of all women. But this will not change unless we can change how television portrays women and finally have women take a stand and say no, they will not partake in these degrading acts that are asked of them by the film industry.

This picture in a Dolce & Gabbana commercial ad portrays a women being held down by a man without a shirt on while three other men with barely any clothing on as well watch the women being submitted. This ad is showing our male population that it is okay to submit women, but it is also showing the women population that it is okay to be submitted by a man. This is not okay considering this is immoral in our society to act out like this upon women. Television has a major influence on its viewers simply for the fact that people believe and mimic what they see. People will view these acts as okay because they saw a man on television acting out in this specific manner against women. The younger generations are going to interpret the wrong message from this ad if we don’t stop showing these demeaning ads against women in our culture. In Habits of the Heart, the author’s state, “While Television does not preach, it nevertheless presents a picture of reality that influences us more than an overt message could” (Bellah et al. 1985: p.279). This Dolce & Gabbana picture is shaping the wrong realities for millions of people all over the world, and is giving off the wrong messages. But this industry will do everything in its power to flourish and strive for more profits on the products they sell. The authors of Habits of the Heart also state that our society is constantly transforming and structures are often being altered by social movements. Dolce & Gabbana knows that sex sells, and because of this social movement in our society where everyone loves to view sexualized objects, this major company intended for their commercial ad to be very sexual and intriguing to the viewers’ eye. This is what our society wants to see in ads, and because of these degrading images upon women, many buy the Dolce & Gabanna products because they view the ads as “sexy”.  But in reality, the company is hurting both the man and the women’s image in our society.

This type of commercial ad is allowing the viewers all over the world to view women as sexualized objects that deserve no respect since she is being submitted in the commercial ad by a man. But she is also almost unclothed and very pretty due to all the makeup and lighting. Many girls will therefore see these women as the way one should look. Many will transform their bodies looking for the results this women in the commercial ad has, but sad to say, they will never find the look that they want. And for the man, he is somewhat viewed as being abusive by submitting this women with shirt off. And the other men standing in the back watching this man submit this women are immoral and wrong for letting this man commit such degrading acts upon a women. Here again we see that commercial ads as this one will lead some to transform their bodies because television and entertainment have many influences on our population.

Our society can do nothing about these commercial ads because the actors and models are quote on quote, “working to make a living.” It is there job to portray these sexualized submissive images in the Dolce & Gabbana commercial ads. People are going to make their own decisions whether others like it or not, ultimately because it is their life. The authors of Habits of the Heart stated that we make our own decisions, live our lives as we see fit, and anything that violates these rights are not only morally wrong, but sacrilegious as well (Bellah et al. 1985: p.142). Society does not have the right to say something and judge these individuals because it is their right to have a choice in what profession they will seek out. Instead, all we as a society can do is to not support and condone of the images and the ways this major corporation Dolce & Gabbana pose and dress their models on set for a new commercial ad.

-Christopher de Ronde


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