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The picture above depicts what in American Anthropology considers a theme in bodies and bio-politics. A young woman is the center of attention and it focuses on the face which in this case it targets the theme of anti-aging. In American Society age has always been a big part of appearance. As this picture depicts it is a “new” product from Maybelline which is a beauty product for women. It introduces a new product called “the eraser” which shows that it can erase “Crow’s feet, Dark circles, and Fine lines”. Which is very interesting is that it shows a sense of comfort because it states that this product has had “7 years of research”. Women have always tried to find many beauty products that can allow them to feel and look young. In most cases it’s believe that when a women reaches a certain age their skin starts to change. Soon their face will give them an identity and that identity will be of an older person. The purposes of these types of products are to give women the opportunity to look young. In American Society a person appearance has always been important especially in the work force. For example, a woman who looks older may not get a job when competing with a younger woman.
Therefore, products like these targets women who may be having issues with dark circles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. This offers an opportunity for women to look as beautiful as never before because they don’t have to worry about aging. They are in pursuit of anti-aging success that will forever keep them young. This brings into consideration on what Courtney Everts Mykytyn’s essay on Anti-Aging Medicine: Predictions, Moral Obligations, and Biomedical Interventions, which she argues that, “anti-aging practitioners and proponents and gerontologists as well hope to prolong a healthy young life” (501).this is very interesting because everyone wants to be young and look young but the real question is whether or not there is actually an anti-aging product that currently exists. Another point I want to bring out is the fact that this picture depicts what the new product can miraculously get rid of. An eraser is use to get rid of mistakes done and having this product compared to an eraser it’s allowing women to feel confident to buy this product and feel and look young again.
This photo brings into consideration that Maybelline is one of many beauty products that have created a product that offers this opportunity for women. But as Mykytn’s writes, “the anti-aging practice largely translates to helping patients improve their nutrition and exercise habits” (502).this is a perfect example on how these companies after products but never talk about the rest of the body and health. I don’t know what’s more disturbing the fact that woman will do anything to look young or the fact that they will try a product without finding out how it will affect their health. Many women have turn to Botox as an alternative but what’s even scarier is that many women can’t afford the treatment so they do the procedure themselves and without the proper tools and experience one can ruin their face.
What I have realized is that many women are not comfortable in admitting that they are getting older. This creates insecurity and frustration because everyone wants to seek that “fountain of youth” because they know that looking young is what American society accepts. It’s interesting that this picture is one of many that get advertises in different magazines for women. In American culture beauty has been a trend that will never get old and it’s interesting to see how experiences influence the course of life. This picture also brings into light the fact that there are women in society that are not satisfied with the way they age. It’s incredible to see what kinds of measures they are willing to take so they can be satisfied. It seems that women have become convinced with the ads that have been put out. Many ads also use people who are recognizable and may be the same age as them, and when they see that they are looking young and beautiful; women will realize that they can also reach that stage. This ad makes me think about all the women that are looking at the ad and are purchasing this product so they can finally be satisfied with their appearance. It’s incredible to see that the reasons they purchase these products are to finally reach that appearance society can accept.


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